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Seiko[SEIKO] SEIKO CLEARANCE Up to 75% OFF Chronograph Automatic Watches! Free Shipping Box and Warranty!

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    • SKS505P1 (Usual Price: $315)(+S$52.00) - Sold Out
    • SKS545P1 (Usual Price: $273)(+S$32.00) - Sold Out
    • SNAF43P1 (Usual Price: $372)(+S$75.00) - Sold Out
    • SNAF47P1 (Usual Price: $450)(+S$105.00) - Sold Out
    • SNDG15P1 (Usual Price: $464)(+S$112.00) - Sold Out
    • SNDG17P1 (Usual Price: $464)(+S$112.00) - Sold Out
    • SNDG19P1 (Usual Price: $490)(+S$122.00) - Sold Out
    • SNKE53J1 (Usual Price: $223)(+S$15.00) - Qty : 5
    • SNKE87J1 (Usual Price: $232)(+S$20.00) - Sold Out
    • SNKG17J1 (Usual Price: $232)(+S$15.00) - Sold Out
    • SNKG21J1 (Usual Price: $232)(+S$20.00) - Sold Out
    • SNKK09J1 (Usual Price: $232)(+S$20.00) - Qty : 5
    • SNKL11K1 (Usual Price: $223)(+S$10.00) - Sold Out
    • SNKL81K1 (Usual Price: $172) - Qty : 9
    • SNKN85K1 (Usual Price: $250)(+S$25.00) - Sold Out
    • SPC087P1 (Usual Price: $383)(+S$80.00) - Sold Out
    • SPC088P1 (Usual Price: $406)(+S$88.00) - Sold Out
    • SRP371K1 (Usual Price: $479)(+S$118.00) - Sold Out
    • SRP541K1 (Usual Price: $363)(+S$82.00) - Sold Out
    • SRP543K1 (Usual Price: $392)(+S$84.00) - Sold Out
    • SRP679K1 (Usual Price: $490)(+S$123.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB085P1 (Usual Price: $273)(+S$35.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB089P1 (Usual Price: $321)(+S$55.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB091P1 (Usual Price: $339)(+S$62.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB145P1 (Usual Price: $276)(+S$35.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB155P1 (Usual Price: $318)(+S$52.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB187P1 (Usual Price: $351)(+S$67.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB189P1 (Usual Price: $383)(+S$67.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB195P1 (Usual Price: $383)(+S$80.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB199P1 (Usual Price: $366)(+S$72.00) - Sold Out
    • SSB201P1 (Usual Price: $383)(+S$67.00) - Sold Out
    • SSC255P1 (Usual Price: $484)(+S$120.00) - Sold Out
    • SSC329P1 (Usual Price: $505)(+S$129.00) - Sold Out
    • SSC335P1 (Usual Price: $505)(+S$129.00) - Sold Out
    • SSC397P1 (Usual Price: $514)(+S$132.00) - Sold Out
    • SUR160P1 (Usual Price: $193) - Sold Out
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Manufacturer/Place of origin SEIKO Condition New Product
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Brief Description [SEIKO] SEIKO CLEARANCE Up to 75% OFF Chronograph Automatic Watches! Free Shipping Box and Warranty!
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36179305 Inquiry for the item from suk**** suk******* 2019-08-14 Answered
  I'm confused between chronological and automatic watches.Both don't need battery.
noted non battery watches will stop if not use more than 24 hrs.
I want to buy battery powered or solar powered.
please advice ?

[Re] Inquiry for the item from suk****

Thanks for your interest.
For your information, the automatic watches may last for 40-50 hours (depends on model) for the fully wound watches. We have attach the listing of solar watches:

You may take a look for these series.

Thank you.

35283109 Inquiry for the item from Kym**** Kym******* 2019-04-27 Answered
  Hi Seller,

May I check with you how we can contact you for any repair in any event if the watch spoilt within the warranty of 1 year.
Please to hear. Thanks.

[Re] Inquiry for the item from Kym****

Thanks for your interest.
You can bring the watch and the warranty card to our office and we will check for you if the watch is still under warranty. Our address will print on the warranty card.

Thank you


[Re] Inquiry for the item from Kym****
Hi Seller,

Thank you for your reply and clearing my doubts.
Anyway, I have done my purchase via Watchspree.

Thanks again.


[Re] Inquiry for the item from Kym****

Thanks for your purchase with us.

Thank you

31235788 SNKN85K1 qim******* 2018-03-23 Answered
  Hi can i check if this model the strap is silver metal or white metal?

I check on some website, the strap is white in colour

[Re] SNKN85K1

Thanks for your interest.
May i know which model you refer to?

Thank you


[Re] SNKN85K1


[Re] SNKN85K1

THanks for your interest.
It is silver metal.

Thank you


[Re] SNKN85K1
Just want to check. The warranty is from where? Seiko or watchspree?


[Re] SNKN85K1

The warranty is from Watchspree as we are providing one year local seller warranty.

Thank you

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